Welcome to Natural Wellness

A Holistic Approach To Health

Natural Wellness offers naturopathic services for your entire family aiming at
improving your general health and wellbeing.
We provide a holistic assessment of your health and an individual treatment plan
will be prescribed to each patient by taking into account your emotional,
physical, and environmental factors.

Andra Oana – Naturopath

Hi, my name is Andra. Welcome to Natural Wellness!! Time and health is so valuable to us all! So thank you for stopping and taking the time to read a little about me and what services I can provide to rebuild your health and that of your loved ones.

As a naturopath, I am passionate about helping people by using natural remedies, dietary and lifestyle changes. These tools helped me greatly during my many years of battling with a chronic health condition and I want to share them with you as well. I provide care for clients ranging from infancy to old age and specialise in autism, ADD, ADHD, gut health, antivirals and COVID, women’s health and healthy aging.

I personally have been a carer for a girl with severe autism for the past 10 years. Working with her family, we have seen improvements in her gut function, meltdowns and overall health through the use of natural medicine. Her quality of life and ability to communicate and participate in the world, has increased dramatically. I have also helped set up treatment centres overseas in areas like Romania, where resources and funding is very limited for children who are on the spectrum. I have worked with dozens of families and it gives me immense personal and professional satisfaction to know that these children are sleeping better and in less pain and discomfort.

When you help a child, the quality of life for the whole family improves. A final thought – I believe that given the right tools, our body is designed with an amazing potential to heal and function optimally. I would love it if you would book in for a free 10 min consultation so you can share with me your struggles and see how I can help you on your health journey. My goal is simply to help you thrive, not just survive!