Our Services

A Holistic Approach To Health

We offer a series of services addressing health issues such as:
Cold, Flu, Antiviral and COVID, Autism, ADD, ADHD,
Women’s Health & Gut Health.

Cold, Flu, Antiviral And Covid

We offer a wide range of immune support remedies that can help your body fight common cold and more severe viral and bacterial infections.

Autism, ADD, ADHD

A key focus for naturopathy in autism, ADD, and ADHD is to identify the causes and triggers of the various symptoms that children on the autism spectrum may have. These triggers can vary from food intolerances and allergies to viral and bacterial infections, poor gut health, heavy metal toxicity, and environmental triggers. Naturopathy can help reduce or eliminate certain symptoms through different natural approaches tailored to each individual.

Women's Health

If you are struggling with premenstrual symptoms, period pain, mood swings, menopause symptoms that are making it problematic to concentrate and function at home or at work? Book an appointment to find out how those symptoms could be relieved and how you could improve your quality of life.

Gut Health

We all know about the complex brain that lives inside our head and communicates with our body through billions of nerves and connections. It is a vital organ that acts to regulate all the processes necessary for life. Interestingly enough, we know now we have another equally important and vital second brain. And it lives in our gut of all places! In order to have healthy thinking, behaviours, emotions and clarity, we must directly look at the wellbeing of our gut and digestion. Optimal wellbeing comes through looking at the body function as a whole and making sure BOTH our brains are acting in harmony.